With more than 2000 members of fandom, SpoCon strives to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is a non profit organization that donates portions of profits gained annually to local charitable orginizations.

creators alley & Art gallery

Creators Alley is a place to see all kinds of creations from all kinds of creators--artists, crafters, authors, game designers, you name it! Come get inspired and talk to the creators themselves.

Derrick Freeland

Warsong Press

Colorist Chris

The Art Gallery is a special place where artists hand pick items for display and for sale. Many inspired pieces will be viewable during show hours. Come and see how imagination has become reality. If it has a price, it can be yours.


Are you a creator who would you to display your work in our Art Show or have a table in our Creators Alley? Fill out the form below and we will get in touch! 

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