With more than 2000 members of fandom, SpoCon strives to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is a non profit organization that donates portions of profits gained annually to local charitable orginizations.


Masquerade Costume Contest

SpoCon's Masquerade is one the the highlights of the convention.  With many talented creators and performers, costumers can show off their creativity, workmanship, and performance abilities. With several categories, there are many opportunities for you and your costume to be recognized. 

We are grateful to once again have BrAd Steiner coordinate this year's Masquerade. 



There are two main competitions in this Masquerade: the stage presentation and workmanship.

The workmanship competition:

Costumers that wish to compete based on their skills and construction will be judged prior to the the main performance. If your costume is based on an existing character or design, bring a photo for the judges to use to compare your recreation to the original version (no books, but videos on handheld devices are allowed).

The stage presentation:

Presentations are limited to one minute onstage and will be judged on the quality of the costume and how it is presented. This will be judged during the main masquerade, and can include background music or audio. It must be provided as an audio file that can be copied from a usb drive (no streaming music or audio devices).



Tech Rehearsal:

Tech rehearsal and run-through will take place Saturday at 4PM in the designated masquerade area. Please BE ON TIME and come prepared to your Tech Rehearsal. This means you need to have your costume ready and with you and have figured out your general presentation BEFORE coming to the Tech Rehearsal. Depending on the number of entrants, we may have limited time to spend with each costumer, and want to give each one our full attention.

Tech rehearsal will be divided into different stations. You will have a chance to speak with the MC, the DJ, the Lighting guy, to work out your presentation. You can expect to have about 5 minutes at each station to prep them for your presentation. Then we will run through each presentation in order as a full rehearsal if time allows. Remember, surprise the audience with your act, not the crew.

Backstage Facilities:

There are no bathrooms or private dressing areas backstage, so you will need to come fully costumed. There will be very limited space backstage (if any) for props or pieces of large costumes, but we can’t guarantee that. Please make arrangements with the Masquerade Director if you have particular needs.

General rules:

  1. All Masquerade participants must be registered attendees of the SpoCon convention. Entries must be turned in to the sign-up table located at the information desk no later than 2 P.M. on Saturday. No late entries will be accepted.
  2. NO flagrant nudity. This masquerade is roughly rated PG-13. Please use some discretion, as there are usually children in the audience.
  3. Rented or purchased costumes may not be entered for workmanship competition, but can be used for the performance part of the competition.
  4. Small children must be under the control of a responsible adult at all times.
  5. Your costume must be finished before you get to the judging area. No sewing, gluing, alchemy, spray painting, welding or other construction work is allowed back stage.
  6. By appearing in the Masquerade, you are agreeing to allow SpoCon to take photos or video of you in costume for SpoCon’s future use.
  7. For safety reasons, the following are not allowed: live animals, substances which might damage or soil other costumes, aerosol sprays or projectiles. Additionally, no pyrotechnics will be allowed including but not limited to: fire, flash powder, explosives, smoke bombs or fireworks.
  8. Illegal weapons of any kind are not allowed. Fake weapons or replicas used as part of the costume must follow the SpoCon Weapons Policy. Any weapons MUST be announced and cleared by the Masquerade Director prior to the Masquerade.
  9. Costumes with electric power requirements need to be self-contained. There will be no access to electrical outlets on stage.
  10. Costumes that could potentially damage the hotel facilities, participants or audience will not be allowed.
  11. Come to the Masquerade with everything you need to complete your costume. Once you are at the rehearsal, there might not be time to break away before the main Masquerade starts at 7PM.
  12. No whiners! Entrants are presumed to be adults, or under the supervision of one. All judges’ decisions are final!
  13. The Masquerade Director has the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or facilities, violation of any of the above rules or any reason deemed sufficient. There will be no appeal.


The competition will be run under the skill divisions systems of Junior, Novice, Journeyman, and Master. This prevents costumers with less experience from having to compete directly against those with more. For group entries, the division should be that of the highest ranking member of the group. For very large groups, please ask the Masquerade Director for assistance in choosing a division.

Winning “Best in Show” at any large regional convention moves a costumer up to the next skill division.

The divisions are defined as follows:

  • Junior: Costumers 12 and younger. This is our children’s masquerade. All young participants must have adult supervision.
  • Novice: Anyone who has never won an award at a costume contest is a Novice. You must win “Best Novice” in either workmanship or performance to move up to Journeyman.
  • Journeyman: A winner of “Best Novice” competes as a Journeyman. If you have won a “Best of Show” award while in Novice division at a small convention, you should compete in Journeyman.
  • Master: If you have won two “Best Journeyman” in workmanship or performance at any small convention, you should compete as a Master. If you have won a “Best of Show” award while in Journeyman division or if you make a living by making costumes, you should compete as a master.

If there is only one entrant in any division, you will be placed in another division at the discretions of the Masquerade director and/or the judges.