With more than 2000 members of fandom, SpoCon strives to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is a non profit organization that donates portions of profits gained annually to local charitable orginizations.


Guests of Honor



Manny Trembley

Manny Trembley is a comic book artist slash illustrator at Fishtank Books and a game designer with Seven2.

His artwork can be found here.

Kat Richardson

Kat Richardson is an American author best known for her Greywalker urban fantasy series. The series consists of nine novels. In the 9th novel she states, "This is the last Greywalker novel, at least for a while."


Chris Organ and Kent Davis of Dark Matter Studios

In the 1990's Chris started co-designing what would become Epic Role Playing with collaborators Andrew Merz and Andy Monroe at Michigan State university. He ended up in Bozeman, Montana for graduate school after following the love of his life to Big Sky country. There he met Kent Davis, who has been central to Epic's Development ever since. Epic was officially published by Dark Matter Studios (their publishing company) in 2005. He moved to Boston after receiving a PhD in Biology and lived there for seven years. During which Epic was regularly showcased at GenCon and MisCon.



Kent Davis  is one of the two nerds (along with Chris Organ) who work on the ENnie-nominated Epic RPG system. He’s also the author of the A RIDDLE IN RUBY kid lit steampunk series from HarperCollins / Greenwillow Books.