With more than 2000 members of fandom, SpoCon strives to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is a non profit organization that donates portions of profits gained annually to local charitable orginizations.

Black Shield Productions

Black Shield Productions website

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"System matters, but great storytelling matters more. Black Shield Productions is a team of high-quality, professional Game Masters able and ready to provide fun and exciting role-playing events to everyone from the new player looking to try out role playing, to the long time player looking for new and challenging games and role playing experiences. Make your next game a great one with Black Shield Productions!"

Our favorite console gaming store is back--trekking all the way from Portland, Oregon!

Founded in late 2010, Epic Gaming made its start through developing the Magic & Pokémon scenes of South Portland, Oregon providing singles support, tournaments, and open playspace from noon to ten, seven days a week. After doubling its floor space in 2014 Epic added Dungeons and Dragons Tables and Console Gaming Tournaments to its lineup which today draw dozens of enthusiastic fans to weekly events. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Commander, a returning Role-Playing aficionado looking for a new home, or an up and coming e-sports enthusiast, Epic has communities eager to welcome you to their fold.
At Epic, we Keep Portland Gaming!

The book: “A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin” by Fiona Jallings and bookmarks with Tengwar inscriptions as well as elf-style caricature-portraits.


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Quicksilver Fantasies features puppets, marionettes, musical CDs, history and mythology books, limited edition and mini-prints, Betsy Mott Art and Craft Gift Items and more! Quicksilver Fantasies is based in Millwood, Washington!

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