Lots of Good News Everyone!

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Hey fellow Inland Northwest Geeks, Gamers, Fans, Authors, Artists, Costumers... oh, you know who you are! Lots of BIG news for you all that came about this Labor day weekend. Oh my, where to start....

  • Past SpoCon Guest artist John Picacio took home a Hugo award last night for best Professional Artist for his 2011 Body of work, AND a Chesley award for his "Game of Thrones: Fire and Ice" calendar. Big high five to an outstanding artist and genuinely wonderful man.
  • Past SpoCon Guest Seanan McGuire took home a Hugo for best Fancast - "Squeecast". Seanan has been announced as the GoH for EuroCon in 2014 as well - Go Go Seanan!
  • Best Novella was won by Kij Johnson whom has participated in SpoCon as an attending Pro
  • SpoCon has a refreshed website, and it's awesome - http://www.spocon.org/
  • The Dead Gentlemen / ZOE Productions with the support of over 3400 fans have met their Kickstarter funding goal!!!! This means that Gamers 3: Hands of Fate is going to be made - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombieorpheus/the-gamers-hands-of-fate
  • There is now a THIRD, yes, THIRD bid for the 2015 Worldcon - Helsinki, Finland has put their hat in the ring against the Spokane WA and the Orlando FL bids. We REALLY need your support fans if you want the 73rd Worlcon to happen here in Spokane.
  • The WSFS business meeting voted to keep the Graphic Novel as a permanent Hugo Award. Why is this important?
  • The Multiple Hugo Award Winning Phil and Kaja Foglio, or Girl Genius fame,http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/ - have accepted to be the SpoCon 2013 Guest Artists!!

There is more news for you all... that's all your humble news guy can handle at this point. I'll get most, if not all of it on the webiste later today.

For a complete list of Hugo award winners pop on over to the Chicon 7 website:


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