Neil Armstrong has made his final steps

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Sad news to report today my friends - the first man to walk on our Moon, Neil Alden Armstrong has made his transition from our Earth. I may be aging myself, but I remember the day he stepped onto the surface of the Moon - I was all but four years old, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Over $1,000,000 and growing

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About this time last week I posted that The Oatmeal started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to help start a Tesla Museam. Well, the orginal $850,000 goal to get matching funds from the state of NY has come and gone. Folks, we've passed the$1,000,000 mark.

If you haven't kicked in a few dollars, please do. This is a worthy cause to honor a great man.

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Date, Time, Location set for the Feel Good BBQ

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Each year following the Convention, SpoCon hosts a Feel Good BBQ to thank the Volunteers, Staff, and their families for a job well done. If you put in Volunteer hours, worked as staff, or a family member that gave up their loved one for a long weekend, then join us!
When: 11:00 AM on Sunday August 26, 2012
Where: Comstock Park on Spokane's South Hill

The mains will be handled by SpoCon - Sides are a potluck style set up - so bring some 'noms if you can.