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Hall Costume Contest

This year we will be doing hall costume ribbons. We will handing them out to any really great costumes that aren’t participating in the masquerade. There only so many ribbons available, so let us see your fabulous costumes!


Masquerade Costume Contest

Masquerade Rules 2018

Masquerade Sign-up sheet
Download, print and fill this out to save yourself time!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2017 Masquerade! We had a real blast, and we're thankful for such an outstanding community of costumers, artists and performers!

Warren Mundell as the Old, Overweight Lazer Tag Player

Winner: Master - Presentation
Cash prize and won a membership to SpoCon 2018

Mike McWatters as Phineus Fluellen Photographer

Winner: Master - Workmanship
Cash prize and won a membership to SpoCon 2018

Todd Burks and Molly Robins as Iron Man and Pepper Potts

Winner: Best in Show
Cash prize and won a membership to SpoCon 2018

Colvin 51b.jpg

And congratulations to the rest of our Masquerade winners!

The Colvin family as Team Rocket
Winner: Junior - Presentation

Darla Babcock as Effie Trinket
Winner: Novice - Workmanship

Zara Cruden as Time Lady
Winner: Novice - Presentation

Breanna Thorton as The Seamstress
Winner: Journeyman - Workmanship

Sarah Cohan as Speaker of Heaven Altice
Winner: Journeyman - Presentation

And, as always, thank you to the wonderful volunteers who make this Masquerade possible; to our MC BrAd, to our judges and our contestants. We couldn't do this without you! To everyone who signed up for the first time or the 100th time: you're brave, and awesome, and we hope that you'll compete again next year. We hope that the feedback you received helps you succeed in future Masquerades, and we look forward to seeing what you'll try next year!

Maybe we'll see you at the RadCon Masquerade too?

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