With more than 2000 members of fandom, SpoCon strives to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is a non profit organization that donates portions of profits gained annually to local charitable orginizations.

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A 10'x10' space inside the Dealer Room. Ideal For: Merchants who want to sell their wares; the Dealer Room is closed and secured each night.

A premium space located near the entrance to the Dealer Room.

Creator Alley: 6' x 5' space outside of the Dealer Room.
Ideal For: Small or independent authors/publishers/artisans who wish to sit at a table, interact with fans and sell their own wares; any merchant who wishes a smaller, private space.

Fan Table: 6' x 5' space outside of the dealer room. Ideal For: Fan organizations (other conventions, local businesses, etc) who wish to sit at a table, interact with fans and sell membership or give out fliers.

SpoCon kindly requests a 10% commission from any sold art.

A 4'x4' flat space within the Art Show room. Ideal For: Artists wishing to sell their artwork and participate in the Art Auction.


A 3'x3' table within the Art Show room. Ideal For: Non-traditional art that cannot be hung, etc. Artists wishing to sell their artwork and participate in the Art Auction.


Game Runner: Any individual who wishes to volunteer their time to run games (role playing, card games, board games, tabletop miniature, etc.) for other SpoCon attendees. Panelist / Professional: Any industry professional or expert who wishes to demonstrate or speak at a SpoCon panel. Current programming tracks include: art, children's programming, cosplay, costuming, gaming, education, film, literature, science and youth. Volunteer: SpoCon runs on volunteer work, and we always need help. If you have some free time during the convention and you'd like to help out behind the scenes, we'd love to have you. Let our Volunteer Coordinator match you with the best possible position. Choose "Volunteer: Any Department" if you have no preference for where you spend your time or "Volunteer: Specific Department" if you know exactly where you'd like to hang out. Departments in need are: Art Show/Art Auction, Hospitality, Mad Marmot Market and Security. Bonus: Volunteers qualify for a discounted membership to SpoCon.
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Sign-Up Forms F.A.Q.

Help! I don't know which option to choose?!


Answer: Woah there, friend. Send an email to info@spocon.org if you need clarification on any of the above listed sign-up forms. We tried to make it as simple as possible but we understand one definition doesn't always work for everyone.

Mad Marmot Market

Question: Who is responsible for securing my merchandise at the Mad Marmot Market?

Answer: SpoCon closes and secures the Mad Marmot Market each night.

Question: Who can I contact for details about the Mad Marmot Market?

Answer: Please email Crystal Borden.

If you'd like to submit your merchandise or book(s) for sale, please see the above form: Sell @ SpoCon and select "Mad Marmot Market."